Welcome to our creative studio SMART TOYS KIDS!

We are a manufacturer of educational toys for children.

Our main product is Busy Board.

What is Busy Board? - Busy Board is a special development board for young children, the main function of which is the development of logic, fine motor skills and knowledge of the nature of things. Maria Montessori became the creator of this kind of simulator for children's fingers?
The main task of the Busy Board is to provide the child with interesting and safe objects for independent research.
Most babies from 8-10 months already begin to show a burning interest in the objects around them (switches, doorknobs, drawers, locks, straps). From birth they observe how parents use these things every day, but rarely allow them to do it by themselves. There are many reasons for this - from the danger of pinching the handle to the banal fatigue of permanent switching off the light at the most inappropriate moment. Here are the most interesting things, collected on the board, just what you needed. The child long and usefully engaged both with his parents and on his own.